Sunday, July 30, 2017

Knitted unisex Vest

Whilst the pattern is under a ladies design, I think that it works as a unisex one.  I used Aldi So Crafty DK 100% acrylic yarn and the Drops 71-3 b pattern.  It knits up quick and easy on straight needles and the fit around the neck and armholes are perfect.  Which to me is something unusual, as they are either too big or need some sort of adjustments.
I made one change to the design and that is where the V neck splits, you are supposed to split the centre pattern and work it up to the shoulder.  I didn't like that look, so I just took the K2, P1 part to work up the side, working the decreases before it.
I had cast off the shoulder seams, but I would recommend using Kitchener stitch for a nice neat finish, of course you can still join the seams this way even if you have cast off.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Crelando Border Punch set (Lidl)

So the Crelando border punch set from Lidl as previously mentioned.  I pick this up at the reduced price of just over €8.  So I think it's certainly worth it, even if it is meant for the kids!  Let's face it, if you want one decent paper punch, you will pay at least that for it.
 It comes in a nice sturdy plastic carry case.  As you can see it comes with eight different designs and the punch device, to make your life easier.  I have a small butterfly punch that requires some elbow grease to get the design, so if you have to make a bundle it's rather hard on the hands.
On the back of the packaging paper is the instructions, pretty straight forward for grown ups and kids.
Of course you can work left or right or vice versa, using the guides.  I chose the tulips & hearts punch and as you can see I've loaded the plastic insert guides (clear part with black print).
I work to the left because I'm back to front (true story). No really it's just easier for me, I suppose it depends if you are left or right handed.
To get the repeat patter you just align the first set up with the pattern on the guide and just punch and slide along.  Ta Da! Tulips.  The blue palm press makes it so easy.
Of course you have to empty the punch from all the paper bits every so often, around one long side of A4 paper.  Just open the clear window on the bottom of the punch design and empty it out.  As you can see I got confetti!!  So if you're using coloured paper, you can save these bits for confetti or more card making.  Of course this isn't possible for all the designs.

Now to the Dolphins and what I see as the only flaw in the box.  Below is how you should expect the pattern to run.

However when you set it up and follow the guides, you would want the smooth flow of up and down dolphins.
Not so, as you can see there is the flaw, you get a double set in the pattern, which kind of ruined it for me.  The cutter should only contain 4 not 5 dolphins, that way the repeat would be flawless.  So that's the blooper folks!  Sorry if you only just noticed this.  But hey, you get nice dolphin confetti!!

Using my 2 favourite designs this is what you can do with them, not just edges, but flowers and lace.  And if you're really smart, you can make shamrocks using the heart punch ~ who'd have thought that then.

So a round up, easy to use, can make other patterns, gives you confetti and no more sore, tired hands from continuous punching.  Well unless you're spending all day at it!  Has a nice carry case for storage.
The downside is the dolphin punch pattern repeat, along with having to empty the small compartments often and some tend to lose some of the small paper bits.  But let's face it, glitter is messier and harder to tidy up.
On the whole it's a great buy, especially for the sale price.  It appears to be very good quality and should last a long time.

Monday, July 17, 2017

What's Knitting?

I wanted to knit a vest for a while now, even when I decided on the pattern and bought the yarn.  I changed my mind on the pattern.  I chose the71-3 b - Vest by DROPS design and I altered the pattern at the V neck, as I didn't really like carrying that cable up the side. I've just finished the front and have got as far as the back rib.

The back is plain, so should go up fast and without error.  I like to watch TV and knit, sometimes it can lead to cable misdemeanours!  Yes I had a few hiccups on the front, but noticed them after a few rows and corrected my mistakes.

Also sitting on the needles until I get really bored, or might even get frogged is the Rosa sweater.  It's a lace weight knit and as lovely as the pattern is, you need a clear head to follow the pattern.  Something I've been lacking of late.
Image from the Rowan website, where you can get the free pattern.

I also picked up a couple of balls of King Cole Country Tweed and I'm just dying to make socks with it.  I really want to see how the mixed colour knits up, since I've not used a yarn like it yet.

I'll have to do a swatch, before I work out how many stitches to cast on.  But I'm just itching to get started!!  I swear my brain is in overdrive and a total clutter!

Sunday Afternoon Crafts

Well after a week of chronic fatigue or exhaustion, I finally managed to gather myself a little on Sunday afternoon.  I had an Iris card that had been lying half done in the drawer, for I don't know how many weeks.  So I thought I'd better get it finished off.

I had picked up the punch set in Lidl at a reduced price this week, so added a yellow heart border to the bottom.  I think it goes really well ~ but I may be a little bias.  It's now up in my Etsy store here.

I also had 8cm bits of ribbon and string left over from the glitter cards in the previous post.  I wanted to make bows, but with the bits being so short, it took me a while to figure out how to do it.  Despite all the you tube and other tutorials, I ended up having to do it my own way as the bits were so short.  But at least the dog was happy, since this is one thing I could do on the sofa ~ he hates me sitting on my lonesome in a chair.
Well at least now, I have some more bits to stick on the cards in future, when that will be, I have no idea.  If you notice the little yellow heart, that is from the punch, yep I'm saving the confetti too!!

I had a couple more Buttercups waiting to be mounted onto cards, so I decided to do them and add them to my Etsy listing choices (you get 10 pictures per listing now.. Yippee!).  Now if they would sort out the postage options, I'd be delighted.

As you can see I got to play with my new punch set again, I think I'll do a post on that later, it will be a short one, I promise.

Glitter, Glitter everywhere!

I do love glittery things, but oh my, does that glitter go everywhere or what.  I made some more little notecards, this time in green with butterfly ribbon.
But I thought they were a bit on the plain and boring side, so I thought to myself a little bit of glitter on the outer edge would be cool.  I also thought it would be easy to get it to stick, after about the 3rd attempt I think I got enough on the cards (and everywhere else in the vicinity) and my fingers!

I think I'm happy with them now, so they've been dusted, tagged and bagged! Currently they need a proper photo and are sitting in the not yet for sale box, along with quite a few others.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Herd it was your Birthday card

I made another card with the cows on the front.  A lot easier to do in english and it has just gone live in my Etsy store here.  On the front it says "We herd it was your Birthday!!...."

On the insert it says "........So mooo-ve on over and let's party"

I think it's a good card for a farmer, or maybe I shouldn't say that!! Perhaps I should say somebody who is fond of cows!  That would be more proper I think. (I do live in a farming area).

What's up Buttercup?

I wanted to make a selection of cards with buttercups. But rather than just the standard cards that I've made, I was looking to do some cards with text phrases and that little bit more decor.

I had bought a small pad of decorative papers, picked up a multi pack of crepe papers and some other random bits in the last 2 weeks.  Hoping that I would find a use for it all.  Of course some always turn out to be your favourite and you tend to use them up first, with the least attractive put away and forgotten about.

These are not yet available for sale as I have to finish the range, I'm only halfway through.  Unfortunately my brain is in overdrive with ideas on what to do next.  I hope you like them and some of these are now stocked in my Etsy store. (link in the website list, bottom left of blog).

Friday, July 7, 2017

Not a Night Owl

To say I had a late night watching movies with the Mr, is not something that comes from me very often.   However that's what we did the other night and then I popped off to bed, looking for a deep sleep.  Ha, said my body, that's what you think! As it rudely awoke me 3 hours later and gave me pains that probably equal childbirth (I had a C section so have to guess).  At this point, you come to your senses really fast and grab your strongest prescription pain killers, take 2 and a muscle relaxant, then proceed with the breathing exercises and a hot water bottle attached to you.  After about 20 -30 mins all the meds kick in.

Now most people would lay back down and try to get some sleep, after all it's only 5:30 am!  But I think I was sort of in body shock, which in turn sent my brain into overdrive (again)!  I ended up with a cup of tea at my crafting desk.  Yup I think I can make cards in my sleep deprived state ~ turns out I can....... 🤒🙄😂

A set of six mini note cards with manilla envelopes. Light pink card, cerise crepe paper, pink & wine ribbon, with Owl ribbon on top.  I'm pretty certain there was more glue on my fingers than the cards.  I also put the left overs on the back using crepe hearts and the shimmer gauze ribbon.  Except one, which got a band of crepe like the front, well that was bound to happen in my zoned out state.  The only thing that surprises me, is that it was only on one! 🦉🃏🎀

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Cabled beanie hats

Mum gave me a hank of handspun Scottish sheep yarn.  I had planned to felt it, but it refused to felt shrink or anything at 90 degrees.   It's not like the sheeps fleece is tropical, of course it may have been treated.  However it didn't feel like it was, it smelled of pure wool and has the course texture to boot.  It irritates my skin, so what the heck?

I had to come up with something so I worked the cable of a previous sweater, which I'm pretty sure I've done before.  Joined it with kitchener stitch, well my attempt to create the invisible join.

I then picked up and worked in the round on DPNs, decreasing every other row until I thought enough were worked.  Then decreased every row and finishing off by threading the yarn through the remaining few stitches.  It's driven my skin nuts, but was worth it.  It will make a great winter hat for someone and is available to buy in my Etsy store 

I also started a second one from a vogue knitting pattern, although I thought the instructions wrong and changed the chart order to mirror the first half.  I worked in the round, rather than one 2 needles like it asked.  I'm not a fan of seams in hats, so the less the better. 

I made a little pom pom for the top. I'm not too keen on the end result myself, but then I'm a cable fan and this isn't a cable.  I'm sure it will settle and look better after the wash.  Then I'll put it up in my Etsy store, that is if anything sells in the next few months!  I feel a little out of my depth with Etsy.

I still have some left, but not sure it will make a whole skull cap.  I do have some grey flecked yarn that I could use and put this yarn in as the design, for whatever chart I use.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

My Cabled Poncho is for sale

The cabled Poncho I made in January is for sale in my Esty store here

Or if you are feeling up to the challenge of making it yourself, the pattern is now for sale on Ravelry
with Paypal Buy It Now

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

I've opened an Esty shop!

I've taken the plunge and opened a store on Esty.  Quite intimidating for a newbie, but I suppose it's a bit more professional than ebay and cheaper (to run listings).  It appears to be the more appropriate place to sell handmade items,  however I'm still wondering how anyone will find me amongst all those pros on there.  Here's a sample of what's available.

But hey if you don't try, you won't know, right!?  For me it's just a hobby, which hopefully,some people might like enough to buy a card (or more).   The other half is talking it up and making me break out into hot

My chronic pain doesn't allow for hours of work, so it's little and not so often.  But it's something that I enjoy and provides distraction and makes me feel calm and happy.

So if you want to check it out my store is GormalCrafts and if you want to buy a few, you should message me about shipping costs, as the set up doesn't really allow for multi buy postage rates, well not fair ones as far as I can see. 

I'll be adding knitwear at a later stage, including that knitted poncho I made.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Drops 150-7 Fox Sweater

This sweater is supposed to use 3 different yarns, however it works out as an Aran weight sweater.  I was looking for a simple sweater and thought I'd give it a go with a dusky pink Aran weight yarn.  The same yarn I used for the poncho and hat.  I still have a good bit left since I bought 3 balls of it.

It's knit in the round and a little A line.  What I like about it is the simple detail and the fact that it's a brilliant fit, especially around the shoulders and neck.  I usually have to do some adjusting in that area.  But not with this pattern.

The sleeves are nice and long, something I always have a problem with when buying sweaters.  Not that I can find warm ones for the winter, since I can't wear wool.  I look like I have fleas or something with all the itching it causes.  But this contains 20% wool and is ok.  Although I did knit mum a pure wool sweater that had the yarn treated, and that didn't cause any problems.  But it didn't hold up well after washing and lost it's thick cosy feel.  Which was a huge disappointment.

So if you would like to knit this Drops 150-7 Fox Sweater have fun.  I'm off to find a tank top/vest pattern for my next project.

26-9 Pullover by Pierrot

This lightweight sweater has been sitting on my needles since September 2015!  Yep that's a long time.  Mainly thanks to my meds, because knitting on meds is not helpful - unless you like taking your work back all the time.

The pattern isn't hard, but it's charted, rather than written format.  Which is a whole new thing for me and I admit, I had to google help with Japanese knitting.

The charts were a bit confusing, but I eventually figured them out when I had a clear head.  After a year from starting, I was glad I was picking it up again with the sleeves.   I'm just finishing off the crochet edging and tucking in the loose ends.  I can say that I'm happy it's finally ready for summer - even if it is a year from when I planned!

The pattern can be found on the gosyo website here, right down at the bottom of the page, on the second last row.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Wrong Turn, Great View

Not so much as a wrong turn, more a 'what's down this road?' moment.  In which I discovered the local jetty or slipway, as we call it back home.

Tide was in on this occasion and freezing cold, thanks to the wind chill factor.  However it was dry, so less chance of slipping.  But my fingers had stopped functioning within minutes!

This view is the reason I returned with the camera.  The rock formations are amazing! Ok I love the sea, what can I say.  I grew up right beside the Atlantic ocean.

Now, I also got a really cool surprise with a plaque on the wall, beside a natural hole.  I have no idea as to why it's up there yet.  Perhaps it is Lir god of the sea?  I just have to share it with you.

And finally a boat and a couple of, I don't know what they are called.  But presume that they are used to move the boats down the slipway into the water.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Scraps to New Collar

Well my little furbaby is in need of a collar refresh.  Only thing about having a small dog is finding a nice collar small enough, but still light and comfortable.  Ok I'm a fuss pot!  It's only on my dog to hold his ID tag, he wears a harness for walks.  I'm a bit nervous of hooking the lead up to his collar, since he's such a delicate wee soul - that likes to try and walk me, by dragging me up the road.  His current collar is starting to flake off  peeling off the top coat and rather tatty.  It will get a make-over later with some high visibility fabric.

I had saved the bits of an old harness and used the D rings for his insulated waterproof coat. So thought the clips would be perfect for the collar.  I had saved the hem of my velour thermal curtains (Am I the only one that does this?).  Not that I had any plans for them, but just in case.  Below are the bits, fabric, harness bits and my craft ribbon.  Ignore the D ring, it never got used - I was meant to put it under the ribbon, but forgot whilst I happily stitched along.

The old straps were 1.5cm, so I cut a 3cm wide strip about 38 - 40 cm long.  Folded the edges towards the centre, like bias tape.  I have some glue stuff like salt crystals that you iron to fix hems, so used that to hold the folds down.  Then I pinned the ribbon along the middle and stitched it in place on the back, folded it over and did the same on the other side.  So back & front look the same.  Then added the plastic clips & bits and stitched the ends down.

I slipped a split key ring onto it to hold his ID tag, since I forgot to fix the D ring under the ribbon. He's such a wriggler that I had a job to get it on him, he likes to turn his head and lick me.  So with all his fluffy hair, it's a job not to get it caught in the clip!  Not that we'll see much of it until the weather warms up and I give him a groom.

That's the best shot I could   You could call it his Valentines collar!