Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Home grown in a bag.

This year I decided that I would try and grow a couple of vegetables.  I used have a patch at mum's back home where we would grow a selection of veg.  However these days the garden area only permits growbags or perhaps a raised bed.  I had bought a tarp growbag last year and only dug it out this year to give it a go.

I think I was a little ambitious as to how much I could grow, as I stuck potato, carrot and cauliflower into the bag.  What I didn't plan for was night time nibblers! The whole place is walled and fenced except for one bit, which would be quite an obstacle course for a rabbit or a hare.  However it seems that it may have been determined whatever it was. 

So I ended up having to buy wire fence and just to be extra sure, I bought avian fencing, with the idea it would protect the seedlings.  It worked wonders and even my parsley has recovered from the nibblers, although all but one Cauliflower survived.   Which is probably just as well, because it's gigantic.  I call it my mutant cauliflower, I've grown some before, but never have they been so leafy and big.

As you can see, it's the boss of the bag!  I've lifted half the potatoes, some of which were a decent size, which were bigger than I thought they would be considering.  You can just see a couple of stalks to the right.  Hiding on the left under the leaves are some carrots, but they must have been a poor lot of seeds as only a few grew.  Or maybe I'm just out of practice!
In the blue box on the right are some leeks which appear to be doing quite well, first time I've grown them and I've a long wait until they will be ready.

We had forgotten how good new potatoes tasted.  As you can see the wee furball has to be in the picture because he helped and everything is so interesting!!  I think we will harvest the rest in September when our guests arrive.

I know to some this is little attempt is laughable.  It seems silly to me too, but with no plot and forever moving house it is the only option for me to try.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Sweet Dreams

As you may know my beach walk doesn't throw up much in the way of 'treasures'.  But that doesn't mean that my creative mind isn't at work somehow in the background.   A few weeks back, whilst strolling along the beach and having it to ourselves (the dog & I), There were a few feathers strewn here and there.  
What does my brain do?  Says oh, perfect for a Dream Catcher. So I gathered a few to add to the striped ones I'd picked up another day, I think they are Curlew feathers.  Which is great, but you need a hoop to make a Dream Catcher, which I didn't have.  That is until I went to town and picked up a bag for €2 with wooden hoop handles.  Well you wouldn't get the handles anywhere near that price, so I grabbed it along with some black needle cord fabric for €3.  

I then did a google search and found the Native American Technology & Art site instructions on how to make a Dream Catcher.  I thought if I used some embroidery thread and one of the beads that have been sitting in a jar for years, it might turn out a little respectable.  

I made 2, the first exactly as the instructions and the second the same way, but added extra feathers and a couple of beads on either side for decoration.  I also wrapped the thread around the feather, with a little glue and knots to hold them in place  I'm rather pleased at how it turned out and is hanging above the bed, making a lovely feature and giving me sweet dreams.

The big Six O

This card incorporates 2 things I'm not good at, mathematical equations and German.  So I had to do some online hunting to find what I needed.  I could ask the in-laws, however I know they wouldn't keep it secret.

I know the person will appreciate the effort I put into this (hopefully).  He's always quoting theories and physics etc in everyday scenarios, so this should humour him.  I was lucky to find 2 old German stamp images with 60 on them.

Last year I picked up a 6 and 0 cake sparklers on sale, especially for the occasion.  I've never used them before so not quiet sure if I should light them at the top or bottom!?

Whilst his birthday isn't until October, I can't see me having the time to make this in the next couple of months, which are going to be quiet busy.  Getting ready for the in-laws visit, other birthdays and an anniversary.  Or whatever else life might throw in for luck.  Plus I've a pile of pressed flowers that need to be used up before they get passed their best.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Almost 2 Decades Together

I can hardly believe that I've been with my partner for almost 20 years.  Two decades!! I won't say it was easy, with all the challenges we faced in life.  But we faced them together, and were all the more stronger as a couple for it.  We had to make some difficult choices, but now, we are at the happiest and most content stage of our lives, so far.

I spent all yesterday afternoon coming up with the idea, finding the right bits and cutting out the numbers, hearts and swans.  Honest to goodness, I swear he interrupted me at least a dozen times, with me having to hide everything I was doing!  Like any other time, I wouldn't even hear him, let alone have him stand in front of me discussing technical computer stuff.  Eventually he noticed I was a little annoyed (I suffer from chronic pain and the chair was not helping).  Asking if he was not supposed to see what I was doing....... Well NO sir you're not! I really, really need a Woman shed/cave to lock myself away in.

So today I managed to get it assembled, without any interruptions, and it went really quickly.  This is what he will be presented with on the 19th.  He says he's cooking me dinner and I think I'll make dessert (it's been years since he cooked a meal).

I just have to think of something suitable to write inside it, which will be the hardest part for me.  But I've got 18 days to come up with something that sums up our time together.

Upcycled Cards

I hate throwing cards in the bin or fire after the event is over and find it wasteful, so I try and reuse as much as I can to make new ones.  Sometimes you can mix and match, other times not.  Here are 3 I made the other day.  Mum's birthday is this month so that's pretty perfect timing.

Now I just have to find or make envelopes to fit the bottom two.