Monday, August 1, 2016

Almost 2 Decades Together

I can hardly believe that I've been with my partner for almost 20 years.  Two decades!! I won't say it was easy, with all the challenges we faced in life.  But we faced them together, and were all the more stronger as a couple for it.  We had to make some difficult choices, but now, we are at the happiest and most content stage of our lives, so far.

I spent all yesterday afternoon coming up with the idea, finding the right bits and cutting out the numbers, hearts and swans.  Honest to goodness, I swear he interrupted me at least a dozen times, with me having to hide everything I was doing!  Like any other time, I wouldn't even hear him, let alone have him stand in front of me discussing technical computer stuff.  Eventually he noticed I was a little annoyed (I suffer from chronic pain and the chair was not helping).  Asking if he was not supposed to see what I was doing....... Well NO sir you're not! I really, really need a Woman shed/cave to lock myself away in.

So today I managed to get it assembled, without any interruptions, and it went really quickly.  This is what he will be presented with on the 19th.  He says he's cooking me dinner and I think I'll make dessert (it's been years since he cooked a meal).

I just have to think of something suitable to write inside it, which will be the hardest part for me.  But I've got 18 days to come up with something that sums up our time together.

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