Saturday, July 30, 2011


I finally had the time to myself to finish the veil properly.  It looked like it was going to live in the cupboard for the rest of it's life!

Having said that it may have a long wait to be worn.........LOL.

So tidied up the raw edges, sewed everything together, glued the clasp to some felt and hand stitched the felt to the rest.  The veil come to the tip of the nose.  having seen it properly now, I'm thinking it would have been nice to have it go all the way around the head.  maybe next time...... and I still have quite a bit of netting left.

I reshaped the flower and glued in a feather that fell out of the fascinator, then hand stitched it onto the girls headband, I think it looks quite cute. I'm going put this to the charity shop as I'm certain some little girl will put it to use even if it's just for dressing up.

I've still got to use up the gem that was on this flower, I think it's hiding in my box of tricks somewhere.......

Sunday, July 24, 2011


I've just recently taken delivery of my new crochet hooks.  I chose Bamboo ones in the hope that my skin likes them better that the plastic/metal ones.

 Anyway I wanted to have a set for a change, instead of having to hunt down the size needed for whatever project I might take on.

I know I made a roll before just the same for a friend .... and I made it better for them than this one!  Still my needle roll wasn't able to hold these new additions so something new had to be made. It is so simple to make, two rectangles sewn together with a fold for the hooks stitched for each hook place.

I finally finished off the shrug which was really getting to be a bore, I just couldn't make it any longer than elbow length. I'm not sure I like it the way it is and will have a think about adding some sort of edging. I'm wondering if the yarn will ever be finished, it seems endless! Currently making a spectacle case with it, which I will be lining with fabric, perhaps the lime green t-shirt would be a good match.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Tee-shirts to Toys

I haven't got much of a hoard at the moment... unfortunately.  However I had a couple of big tees that I wanted to use up to make toys. I got the stuffing from an old pillow and bought some felt for trims.
I just adore the wacky monster toys that are about and the other funky animals, so after looking and reading a bit on the net, I set about making some, I decided to sew the features on by hand first as it was easier.

I really like Frankie the Green Monster and he cheered up my sick partner, who grabbed him immediately.

The red ones are all felt, as I had too much of that colour and not sure as to how I'm going to use it all up.  The first one looks more like a red carrot than a monster!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tissue box Cards

  Seemed a shame to burn the empty box, so I made a tri fold card out of it.  I tidied up the aperture with a stanley knife and made sure the edges were straight.
Stuck a picture in the window, printed out a verse, glued that on and there you have one quirky birthday card.
I really love the pattern on these boxes, only downside is that I don't really get through that many tissues! Can't remember the last time I had a cold..... not since Scotland at least.

On the second one I decided to try Some decoupage, well I think that's what they call it. I'm new to that side of craft but have taken a liking to it for the moment.
I found the waterlily  free on PeeJay's site so that was a bonus. I have to say she's really clever in making these herself.

It actually turned out better than I thought it would, since I didn't really like the box and had no clue what was going in the aperture.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Believe it or not I don't own a flower vase. The last bunch I was given went into a coffee jar which I wrapped with the coloured paper the flowers came with.
I've taken a liking to the 3d decoupage that you normally see on cards or note books. I'm clueless how to do it properly, but I found some images I liked printed them out 3 times and cut away. 

Ok so back to the coffee jar, I also got it a friend.... an empty gherkin jar. Well I knew when I did one I would want to try another! 

So I had some corrugated card salvaged from a gift box which I cut to size for the toppers... lets call them that for ease. I arranged the butterfly bits and glued the whole one to the card, then used small bits of tape to attach the next two layers, I repeated this with the fairy.
Next I found some background images I liked and made them into a printable border for the jars. Once printed and cut I used that sticky back plastic to protect them and stick them around each jar. Glued the toppers in place. Now I have two decorative jars that can be used for a number of things...... including the next floral gift I might receive.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Fascinator Veil

Okay been desperate to do one of these for a while trying to keep as cheap as possible.  I started collecting sale bits ages ago and bought a metre of birdcage veiling off ebay (where would we be without it).
I had picked up the flower for 50c, a headband in Debenhams for €4.80 and the netting off ebay for €3 I think. Which works out cheaper than buying all the bits I need for a fascinator....
I tried to do Mary Anns BV but for some reason it was way too bulky up top, I spent about and hour faffing about with it..... now ready to tear my hair out!!!  I gave up before I blew

I had a 40cm bit left over grabbed it 1/3  of the way and scrunched it, tied it. 
Tried it on and thought hey this might be ok!?...quickly added a alligator clasp and popped the fascinator on top to see what it looked like........ yes I do like it.  I haven't done the finishing off yet but here is the draft view.
It needs fixed to the clasp properly and the raw edges trimmed....... who would think the scrappy bit would win the day!
I've still got plenty bits to make another one for somebody so I'm guessing 2 bits of head wear for €8.30, right bargain!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Now going.

I've started this shrug Enchanted Shrug by Grace Mcewen featured in  The Knitter #19. I think I read somewhere that the pattern was easy to grasp.....umm..... is it......well it's not difficult but I have to refer to the written instructions all the time.
So I'm asking myself if I'll have the patience to finish it as I am only 1/3 of the way, well almost, when I thought I would be nearly finished!  I think it will be awful tempting just to make a short sleeve version, I shall try and persevere.

To take a break from the knitting, I recycled some 'bric a brac' I had lying around into a wind chime.  I had some copper coloured beads which I used to make a bracelet to fit the mini pot, this is where the drops were attached. Then used gut line and hoops and glassy rectangles from belts for the drops..

I managed to get my hands on some wool in the charity shop..... this is a rare find!.....So having knitted x amount of socks for the mister last year and him managing to put holes in every pair....sigh......... I decided to crochet a pair, I mean they are supposed to last longer surely?? We'll see! Anyway I used this pattern which was pretty quick in Aran yarn I think I used about 200g almost for the pair.  So with one done and straight onto the feet, I have to make another in between all the other things that I have on the go