Saturday, July 30, 2011


I finally had the time to myself to finish the veil properly.  It looked like it was going to live in the cupboard for the rest of it's life!

Having said that it may have a long wait to be worn.........LOL.

So tidied up the raw edges, sewed everything together, glued the clasp to some felt and hand stitched the felt to the rest.  The veil come to the tip of the nose.  having seen it properly now, I'm thinking it would have been nice to have it go all the way around the head.  maybe next time...... and I still have quite a bit of netting left.

I reshaped the flower and glued in a feather that fell out of the fascinator, then hand stitched it onto the girls headband, I think it looks quite cute. I'm going put this to the charity shop as I'm certain some little girl will put it to use even if it's just for dressing up.

I've still got to use up the gem that was on this flower, I think it's hiding in my box of tricks somewhere.......

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