Saturday, July 9, 2011

Fascinator Veil

Okay been desperate to do one of these for a while trying to keep as cheap as possible.  I started collecting sale bits ages ago and bought a metre of birdcage veiling off ebay (where would we be without it).
I had picked up the flower for 50c, a headband in Debenhams for €4.80 and the netting off ebay for €3 I think. Which works out cheaper than buying all the bits I need for a fascinator....
I tried to do Mary Anns BV but for some reason it was way too bulky up top, I spent about and hour faffing about with it..... now ready to tear my hair out!!!  I gave up before I blew

I had a 40cm bit left over grabbed it 1/3  of the way and scrunched it, tied it. 
Tried it on and thought hey this might be ok!?...quickly added a alligator clasp and popped the fascinator on top to see what it looked like........ yes I do like it.  I haven't done the finishing off yet but here is the draft view.
It needs fixed to the clasp properly and the raw edges trimmed....... who would think the scrappy bit would win the day!
I've still got plenty bits to make another one for somebody so I'm guessing 2 bits of head wear for €8.30, right bargain!

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