Saturday, August 24, 2013


Some people really do know what to do with the most unlike things.  Really, who  would have thought a washing macine drum would have so many uses in it's next life?
This is what I love about the internet.  You can find out so many things and even how to do them.

I've collected a few of my favourite recycled images for uses of the drum.  First up is this fabulous floor lamp using a tripod and washing machine drum, which has been covered in a variety of designs.
The  recycled lamps are a project of a Portuguese designer Tó Martins, check out Rewashlamp.

Number 2 is a firepit, to keep you warm in the garden.  Just weld some legs on, give it some stove paint and away you go. Instructions on How To are here

Number 3 is another firepit, but with an added extra of a grill.  So you can have a BBQ and be cosy, if you want to.  It's also quite decorative with the stones surrounding it.  Perhaps this is also a good safety precaution.

Number 4 and Number 5 are both the same purpose but different styles.  Stools or pouffe, one is called an ottoman so perhaps some storage space in that one.  Above No.4 made by Junk Munkez, whose designers are working hard to turn their city’s trash and junkyard scraps into bold furnishings inspired by their Lebanese roots. Their line, dubbed Knit Knack, uses old drums that have been cleaned and painted as colorful canvases, with what you might call the tapestry effect.

Number 5 has had wheels added to it and a nice bolster cushion, which is also a lid. You can find out more about this on Esprit Cabane.

Lastly, but certainly not least is Number 6.  This idea is just so brilliant I want to make one or two, but would have to sabotage my machine (not gonna happen) to get the drum, or beg for one!
this could do as a large side table or small coffee table even. Although you would have to think about the cables.   This one will set you back a cool £350 to buy.  Created by UK designer Max McMurdo, Silvana is Reestore’s most popular product.

Goodness I don't think there are enough drums to go round, hope you've been inspired now! :)

Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Eco Scarf Hanger

Just a quick share of an interesting but usefull idea for those small branches or sturdy twigs.  Why not turn them into a scarf hanger?  This was an image found on Tumbler ~ no I don't use it, I have enough trouble undertanding the point ot Twitter let alone Tumbler.

I would imagine that you assemble the branch pieces in the order you want them.  Then perhaps drill holes top and bottom to glue wooden dowels in (although this frame looks a bit thin for this, screws would be secure but untidy in my opinion).  Perhaps another way is using a glue gun to secure them and then when the frame is fixed in place everything is secure.

Sofa Protectors

Having recently invested in a recliner suite, I decided that I would like some covers on the head rests. More to keep any build up of dirt from gathering over time, than anything else.  Sound like we're dirty ;) I could have just wiped it clean every week, so you could say this is just my laziness!  However over time this would wear out or damage the leather.

I had this beautiful fabric, bought lining and eventually some wadding/quilting, I had to wait 'till it came back inot stock.  I had it all planned, measured and ready to go, when the other half piped up he wanted covers on the foot rests too please!
Aaaargh! My patterned fabric was limited, so out it went on the floor and after much measuring, huffing and puffing I figured I could get them to match with a few adjustments.

The head rests were pretty simple rectangles, with elastic, covered in fabric to hold it in place on the head rests. Since the top of the suite is rounded I also added elastic to the edges before turning them right side out, this gave them a more fitted look.  The ends, I had to rethink the design and added a panel of lining fabric and adjusted the fit on the sofa, before finally sewing together.

For the foot rests there wasn't enough fabric to cover the whole front panel so I had to add lining to the left, right and bottom.  Once the rectangle was sewn together I added ties to the top to secure the coverto the foot rests. I folded over about 9cm or so of the bottom and stitched the sides, this made a little bit of a sleeve to slip onto the rest before being tied.
Needless to say I'm still working on finishing the other ones, finding a good day without interuptions hasn't been that easy of late.  but it will get done eventually ~~ hopefully before the impending housemove.
I may have to cover the arm rests in plain fabric, since the stray cat seems to have adopted us.  We'll see how we get on.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

DIY Cat Toys

I don't really have a cat honest!  I took a stray female to the vet to be spayed, with the help of charity Animal Help Net Kerry.(AHNK)  It's 2 weeks since the deed was done, I have to say she's taking it pretty well.  Sure, she took it out on the Vet right enough, but she's been super lovey with me, despite the odd mood swing and huff or two.

I've learnt that taking her to the vet in a cardboard box is a bad idea ~ she totalled it (wrecked it) and ended in my lap learning to drive!  Thankfully on the way back I had the cage from the vet.....phew! My goodness she was mad during the car journey.

Anyway for a cat that has been outside all the time, she has been fabulous in the house. Uses the litter tray no bother, settled into a feeding routine.  Sleeps at the foot of my bed.  No interest in wanting out or scratching the furniture or the log post.  .... this puzzles me that she doesn't want to claw.

Anyway after 2 weeks in the house and with the stitches pulled out , I thought maybe she might like some toys  ...... cats are supposed to like them right?  Bet this one will have zero interest......... if so I saved a few bob in not buying them.

L-R: Stuffed sock with wollen tail, eyes hot glued on.  Denim mouse with a long tail, mini ball of wool with a tail, woolen spider on a string attached to garden cane.

Everything sprayed with cat nip, so far she is not impressed by the mouse and runs and hides when she see the spider on a string (arachnophobia perhaps? LOL)

Maybe it'll be just a simple case of playing with twine, I shake it she swats it.

On a more serious note.  Please pet owners be responsible and get your pets spayed/neutered.  Shop around for the best price and some organisations offer help towards the cost if you are unemployed.
For those near Tralee Mcgraths Vet will microchip your pet for €22.50! (price quoted by AHNK)

I've named her Juju since she put a spell on us.  I think she may have chosen us as keepers, I guess we'll see once she gets outside next week.  We managed to sneak a collar on during a cuddle and later adjusted it at the next cuddle.  Any other way would have been stressfull. She's still getting used to it, lots of scratching at it etc.