Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sofa Protectors

Having recently invested in a recliner suite, I decided that I would like some covers on the head rests. More to keep any build up of dirt from gathering over time, than anything else.  Sound like we're dirty ;) I could have just wiped it clean every week, so you could say this is just my laziness!  However over time this would wear out or damage the leather.

I had this beautiful fabric, bought lining and eventually some wadding/quilting, I had to wait 'till it came back inot stock.  I had it all planned, measured and ready to go, when the other half piped up he wanted covers on the foot rests too please!
Aaaargh! My patterned fabric was limited, so out it went on the floor and after much measuring, huffing and puffing I figured I could get them to match with a few adjustments.

The head rests were pretty simple rectangles, with elastic, covered in fabric to hold it in place on the head rests. Since the top of the suite is rounded I also added elastic to the edges before turning them right side out, this gave them a more fitted look.  The ends, I had to rethink the design and added a panel of lining fabric and adjusted the fit on the sofa, before finally sewing together.

For the foot rests there wasn't enough fabric to cover the whole front panel so I had to add lining to the left, right and bottom.  Once the rectangle was sewn together I added ties to the top to secure the coverto the foot rests. I folded over about 9cm or so of the bottom and stitched the sides, this made a little bit of a sleeve to slip onto the rest before being tied.
Needless to say I'm still working on finishing the other ones, finding a good day without interuptions hasn't been that easy of late.  but it will get done eventually ~~ hopefully before the impending housemove.
I may have to cover the arm rests in plain fabric, since the stray cat seems to have adopted us.  We'll see how we get on.

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