Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

This was their first European Tour in 20 years (probably my first proper gig in 20 years too).  I certainly didn't think that would happen in my lifetime.... and I nearly didn't get to go!!   I had a total meltdown on Wednesday night as it really looked like it wasn't going to happen for me.  My tickets didn't arrive until 12.45pm the day of the gig, big thanks to the UPS man for delivering them before lunch so I could go, all I had to do was jump in the car and drive 3 hours to Cork.

Johnathon Wilson Band opened up the evening at the Marquee, I hadn't a clue who they were, but the managed to get my foot tapping and belted out a couple beauties! We arrived there at 7.30pm (ish) and things were already in full flow.......... like many others we missed the announcement that the show was starting a half hour earlier.

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers took to the stage and rocked the tent, we have been a small crowd but we were mighty! The sing-a-longs at one point drowned him out and I think he was happy to let us ;o). It's true what they say about them, that they are a Live band first. It really was a night to be remembered........ in the years to come I can say that for my pre-40th bash I saw Tom Petty Live in Cork! We all sang Learning to Fly, my OH held me in his arms as we rocked and Tom Petty came right over to our side of the stage and something/one made him laugh..........priceless!!