Thursday, February 21, 2013

Biker Birthday Card

I swear everybodys birthday is trying to sneak past me... you know, there I am out shopping, seeing Mothers day stuff all over and so I get stuff to be prepared for it, despite not knowing exactly when it is.  Only when I get home and look at the calendar.........Duh...... Bro's birthday next week........ Darn it!

Ummmm what or how do you put together a "Man" card? Well even when I buy one it's not what I want ..... I mean really, when have you seen a card really suited to a guy who's into bikes, boats, or always up  to his elbows in engine parts?  Maybe I'm just blind, but it's been decades since I've seen one even half suitable.

Since his life is revolved around his bike I thought I may as well try a card like that.  I found some images online to use, although I don't know what he'll think of my choice.  But had I been allowed to go for my bike license, I would have one something like it.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Rough guide to clog/croc sock liners

I promised this many moons ago, a basic how to, so to speak. Basically if you can knit socks you can make liners for your clogs/crocs.  What you are doing is making something similar to a trainer sock.

I used 50g dk. 3.5mm & 4mm DPNs.
First measure around the opening of the shoe, this will tell you roughly how many sts to cast on. Remember you will be stretching the rib, so you have to take that into account.

Using 3.5mm Cast on X (68 in my case). Rib for desired length. (This is the fold over part).

Divide for Heel
Put half sts on needle one (34), divide remaining between needles 2 & 3 (17). Change to 4mm needles, work 8 rows stocking stitch, on needles 2 & 3. With right side facing continue as follows;

Slip 1, K half the heel sts, slip 1, psso, K1 turn
Slip 1, P 3 sts, P 2 tog, P1 turn

Knit rows; Knit to 1st before the gap (where you turned) Slip 1, K1, psso, K1 turn
Purl rows; Purl to 1st before the gap, Slip 1, P 1 psso, P1 turn.

Repeat last 2 rows until no sts left to turn. (18)

Pick up sts along the gusset turn, purl to end, pick up sts along other side gusset turn.(5sts both sides in my case)

On a normal sock you would now work needle 1 ~ we are NOT going to do that. But we will take a stitch from it on each row.

Working on needles 2 & 3.

Place marker. K2, K2 tog through back of loop, K to last 4 sts, K2 tog K2. Place marker. K1 from needle 1 turn.
Purl to end, P1 from needle 1.

Continue until you have decreased down by the amount of sts you picked up from the gusset. ( I now have 52sts on 2 & 3). now we work Needle 1. I Knit across it decreasing 6 sts evenly so I had 46 sts in all. If you knit socks you will know roughly how many you should have at this stage. I think I should have left this at 50sts.

Continue in stocking stitch until about 2 inches short of desired length.

Put ½ sts on Needle 1, this is the sole. Find the center stitch from the heel and use this as you guide. Divide the remainder between needles 2 & 3.

Decrease toe as you would normally. In my case it was as follows

Needle 1 ~ K1, K2tog Through back of loop, knit to last 3 sts, K2tog, K1
Needle 2 ~ K1, K2tog Through back of loop, knit to end
Needle 3 ~ K to last 3 sts, K2 tog K1

Next row and every alternate row K.

Repeat until you have about 18 sts left. Graft together. I'm lazy so I just knit the corresponding sts for both needles at the same time and cast off.
I put the clog heel strap over the arch and used 2 strands of yarn to tie the sock in place.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

The odds n ends

Well it's been a wee while, I don't know where the time has gone.  But I'm glad that January is over.  It's known to me as the too many bills month as everything seems to be due then.
I was trying to  think what I had been doing with myself other than running around like a headless chicken for a couple of weeks, trying to get everything sorted for forms that landed on the doormat on the 2nd Jan.  Being a Scot I was still enjoying the remnants of Hogmanay/New Year celebrations.

So what was knitted?  Well I've been using up the scraps. Starting with  this layette from Lion Brand with matching bonnet.  This is the second time that I've knitted this up.  This time it was a surprise for someone who's daughter had a baby.   It's such an easy quick knit.

Then I thought I'd try my hand at gloves. I've never ever made any before. Now that I've actually made a few I'm wondering what was so intimidating about them.  But then again I never had a set of DPNs (double pointed needles).

I took the pattern from Berroco here but found that I had to alter it a little to fit, which is surprising as I always thought I had big hands....... obviously they are not as man sized as I once thought......yippee!
I've made quite a few pairs, although the 1st couple were a bit, um, messy around the fingers. with the increasing, but I sorted that later so that it was neat.

My mother, bless her, gave me some knitting stuff for Xmas including wool.  She gave me some fancy pompom netted yarn which left me scratching my head as how the heck to knit it.  All I can say is thank goodness for the internet and You Tube.

The next step was to figure out how many stitches to knit with, I ended up using 6 after a little trial and error.  I was thinking a sort of skinny style scarf.

Well at least now I understand how my cousin was knitting with spoons whilst on holiday!  ;)

This is the end result. I think I'll get similar yarn in red or purple, as I'm not a fan of navy at all.

Cast on 6sts and knit up as stated on the band, I sewed the yarn when I had to join and tied a knot in the end when I finished.

Now that I've used it once I'll have no bother in using it again.