Thursday, February 21, 2013

Biker Birthday Card

I swear everybodys birthday is trying to sneak past me... you know, there I am out shopping, seeing Mothers day stuff all over and so I get stuff to be prepared for it, despite not knowing exactly when it is.  Only when I get home and look at the calendar.........Duh...... Bro's birthday next week........ Darn it!

Ummmm what or how do you put together a "Man" card? Well even when I buy one it's not what I want ..... I mean really, when have you seen a card really suited to a guy who's into bikes, boats, or always up  to his elbows in engine parts?  Maybe I'm just blind, but it's been decades since I've seen one even half suitable.

Since his life is revolved around his bike I thought I may as well try a card like that.  I found some images online to use, although I don't know what he'll think of my choice.  But had I been allowed to go for my bike license, I would have one something like it.

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