Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Second Canvas Sneak Peek

Whilst the first attempt at canvas painting went kind of alright.  I thought I would have another attempt.  Well I am beginning to wonder, if perhaps I am a bit ambitious or just a little impatient.  For the second one I decided on doing a cockerel, on paper it would be a doddle, with my other paints.  I'm starting to wish I chosen a different subject.

I keep telling myself just to keep at it and build on it, that it'll be worth it in the end.  Although it is now a bit further on, than pictured above.  I wanted to go at it some more, however the light wasn't right.  There have been too many dull days and for some reason I can't quite work the colours with the indoor lights on.  Perhaps I need new glasses.
I haven't decided yet whether to keep it to a white background or fill it in.  I suppose I'll see how I feel once it's done ~ whenever that may be.

I can safely say there will be nothing ambitious for the large canvas that's left, or even the smallest one for that matter!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

More Charity Cards

I have been a little active in the creative department, however, I have been falling behind in the posting of it all.

This is the next bundle I made, not so many Christmas ones this time!  I'm trying to use up all the bits and pieces that I have saved or hoarded, as well as using up card stock that has mounted up.  Really about time I got around to using it.
I really like bright colourful card, it's just so much more happier somehow.