Sunday, May 21, 2017

Drops 150-7 Fox Sweater

This sweater is supposed to use 3 different yarns, however it works out as an Aran weight sweater.  I was looking for a simple sweater and thought I'd give it a go with a dusky pink Aran weight yarn.  The same yarn I used for the poncho and hat.  I still have a good bit left since I bought 3 balls of it.

It's knit in the round and a little A line.  What I like about it is the simple detail and the fact that it's a brilliant fit, especially around the shoulders and neck.  I usually have to do some adjusting in that area.  But not with this pattern.

The sleeves are nice and long, something I always have a problem with when buying sweaters.  Not that I can find warm ones for the winter, since I can't wear wool.  I look like I have fleas or something with all the itching it causes.  But this contains 20% wool and is ok.  Although I did knit mum a pure wool sweater that had the yarn treated, and that didn't cause any problems.  But it didn't hold up well after washing and lost it's thick cosy feel.  Which was a huge disappointment.

So if you would like to knit this Drops 150-7 Fox Sweater have fun.  I'm off to find a tank top/vest pattern for my next project.

26-9 Pullover by Pierrot

This lightweight sweater has been sitting on my needles since September 2015!  Yep that's a long time.  Mainly thanks to my meds, because knitting on meds is not helpful - unless you like taking your work back all the time.

The pattern isn't hard, but it's charted, rather than written format.  Which is a whole new thing for me and I admit, I had to google help with Japanese knitting.

The charts were a bit confusing, but I eventually figured them out when I had a clear head.  After a year from starting, I was glad I was picking it up again with the sleeves.   I'm just finishing off the crochet edging and tucking in the loose ends.  I can say that I'm happy it's finally ready for summer - even if it is a year from when I planned!

The pattern can be found on the gosyo website here, right down at the bottom of the page, on the second last row.