Friday, September 30, 2011

Boot Update 2

I've finished the first complete boot at last, I have to say I can't wait to get the second on done. They will be ready for my winter ice-block feet just in time I think, oh and they are so cosy too, with that nice thick sole I should be as warm as toast.

I'm really pleased with the finished result this time as it is a really snug fit and I'm not losing the soles when I walk.  Like I said previously I took 10sts out from each piece. I did work a row or two to join the two pieces together so that it would be easier to sew to the soles. I also stitched up the sides about 3 inches at the bottom. Then I crocheted up the edges adding 4 loops for the ties on each side.  I was lazy on the ties too, I just doubled the yarn and used a 4mm hook and chained a length for the laces

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What will you find in your Driveway?

Apart from the gravel and the mountain of weeds that it seems to attract every year, you might find a lot of things waiting for you in the driveway........some welcome and some not!

Usually all I have is gravel and a hoard of weeds, along with the stalker  Well it was tidy up about the house this week..........or try to..... and I thought I'd start of with the big weeds that were starting to think that they lived here! So when that was done it was the little ones turn to get evicted, so you can imagine my suprise when I pulled this out of the gravel!!! 

 Yep that is a mini carrot........ makes you wonder how it got there?  The only thing I can come up with is that the birds put it there...  still it did amuse me for a while!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Boot update number 1

Just when I thought I was finished! They turned out HUGE!!! and it was near impossible to walk in them. Soooooo I have disassembled them ( how I hate doing that) and started over with 10sts less this time.  This might just be too many less but it's a lot easier to add to the edges than to take away!

Well at least I got to leave the fleece on the soles...;o)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Winter Aran Slipper Boots

I started this pattern a couple of evenings ago and have reached the point where I have to join the back and front, although I'm not ready for that just yet.  
Today was a flying visit to Penneys for fleece and with a bit of hope, something to do the soles.  I came out with this gorgeous paisley fleece for the lining and found espadrilles in the mens dept for a euro, plan just to use the soles.
I'm already wishing I had a glue gun, but I think I will be able to sew it all together.......actually I'm wondering if I was wise to tackle this, since I just looked at the photos and thought I want to do that ...... thinking they would be a lot like a sock.........duh not!!  But could be!  Anyway I have a rough idea of what comes next in the knit part and how it's all going to go together....supposedly.  That will require a good day and a clear head.

In the meantime I'm just going to knit up the second one whilst I think about it all.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Granny Slippers

Having left my other crochet slippers in the lost corner of the Hebrides, I decided to use the remainder of the wool from the hats to make a pair of Hex boots. I'm new to crochet but these went really fast.....well except for the soles which were rectangles and really are NOT good once assembled. So after about the 3rd attempt on the sole I got what I thought would be as good as it could be.  Because of the hex they are slightly wide at the heel, some have changed the hexs here for a neat fit but I didn't want to lose the look.
I used 2 strands of aran for thick soles and started and finished with 4 sts. For non slip I added blobs of silicone to the soles. I know you can buy stuff especially for this but not near me and I couldn't wait for delivery, anyway the silicone does the job just as well and didn't come off in the wash ..... although it may do in the future.
I think if I'd had enough yarn I would have added 2 more hexs on top for a boot type. These are quite cosy for the time being. 
The original pattern can be found here and you can find mods on Ravelry.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Chullo two

Well I remade it with my own design and reworked the crown again for a better fit.  I wasn't too sure about the main chart whilst I was knitting it, but it seems to have turned out alright, although it is not the look that was intended.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Skull Chullo

Well I'm back from my Scottish road trip, the weather was great, so I think my timing was perfect for a change and with 640 miles each way and 6 hours on the ferries you really want good weather!!
Thanks to my mum I came home with a whole box of aran odd balls, so I'm really chuffed about that, there's even a hank of pure hand-spun wool in there!!
I decided to give the Ski Skulls pattern a go, although I never thought it would be big enough for my head, however it is, but think it is better suited to my daughter..... who said no thanks so have put it up for sale.
I found the crown too long so ended up taking it back to do the decreases on every row for a better fit.

So now that it's done I'm hoping to make another one for myself...minus the skulls.....just searching for a replacement chart, might even have to try my own, we'll see!