Monday, September 19, 2011

Granny Slippers

Having left my other crochet slippers in the lost corner of the Hebrides, I decided to use the remainder of the wool from the hats to make a pair of Hex boots. I'm new to crochet but these went really fast.....well except for the soles which were rectangles and really are NOT good once assembled. So after about the 3rd attempt on the sole I got what I thought would be as good as it could be.  Because of the hex they are slightly wide at the heel, some have changed the hexs here for a neat fit but I didn't want to lose the look.
I used 2 strands of aran for thick soles and started and finished with 4 sts. For non slip I added blobs of silicone to the soles. I know you can buy stuff especially for this but not near me and I couldn't wait for delivery, anyway the silicone does the job just as well and didn't come off in the wash ..... although it may do in the future.
I think if I'd had enough yarn I would have added 2 more hexs on top for a boot type. These are quite cosy for the time being. 
The original pattern can be found here and you can find mods on Ravelry.


  1. They look very comfy! I wish I knew how to crochet...

  2. Thanks they are. I taught myself to crochet using an online tutorial. I printed out both the US and UK versions so I can refer to them. Mostly I do US crochet since Ravelry is mostly that and Japanese patterns{which are the same crochet}


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