Tuesday, August 28, 2012

New Card Stock

I am toying with the idea of bring out a new line of cards.  I made 3 the other day as I had a family birthday coming up next month.  Thinking I had plenty time, only to be told that the said family is off on holiday next week for 3 weeks........... arrggghh.  so I was a bit rushed ~~ not part of the plan at all!

Anyway, a while back I had bought a little fabric craft pack, at the time I knew what I was going to use it for but being me I put it in the cupboard and forgot all about it until 2 days ago.  I also keep all 'bits' that might be useful, so this was the outcome of my hoarding.
The butterfly one has gone off in the post now and hopefully will reach before they go on holidays!  I think I'll make a few more and see if they sell.  These are my own designs and you may not copy they without my permission.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

More Knits

I remember knitting this very sweater for my daughter about 18 years ago so it was a little wierd to get the book and knit it again just to use up the stray balls of yarn that were hiding at the bottom of the stash.
I think that the yarn is trying very hard not get be all used up!!

I found some horrible green yarn too, the colour is nice but the fiber content is dreadful.  it has polythene in it......... so I thought since I'm just knitting for the heck of it why not try a dog sweater.

I found the pattern on the Drops website, so I knitted up the smallest size and slightly dented the ball, so now I'm making the next size up and hopefully that will be an end of the yarn.

Kinda makes me want to get a small dog :)  The other half is a cat person though, me I would have any animal!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Pocket change

Considering I do most of my shopping online I am pretty annoyed that I have on just discovered Fatcheese which give you cash-back on goods ordered at certain sites through their website.  Would have been good when I was booking my travels!!
I really wish I'd known about it sooner, it would have been a nice wee bonus to spend on something I wouldn't normally be able to get.
I've also sent my daughter to the uk site since she's a student and orders a lot, including her food shop online.  Lets face it students need every penny they can get!!

I've seen a few similar sites that offer you rewards but to be honest they have never amounted to anything with me.  Of course that and the fact that I'm always wary of this sort of thing.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Oddball Scraps to Charity Bits

I really hate having these tiny balls of yarn leftovers.  Normally I just throw them out, but this time there were too many hoarded to do that. I started of with some hats, but then got fed up with knitting the same thing over and over.  So I found a Monkey pattern and adapted it a little, I'm currently working on another one in burgundy.  There will be enough yarn to make another hat I think.  I'm hoping that will use up all those leftovers, but I will have to check the bottom of the stash bag first.
The colourful toy kinda reminds me of Mr Blobby!! Well hopefully the charity shop will find a new home for all of it.

I'm also wanting to downsize on the fabric scraps.... That'll be a job and a half, trying to figure what to do with it all. Anyway just to warm up I made a few hearts, 2 with a ribbon hoop for hanging and the other with a face,, just for fun.

I just have a urge to do a belated spring clean at the moment...... might have something to do with lack of storage space and things just piling into disorganization!