Sunday, August 26, 2012

More Knits

I remember knitting this very sweater for my daughter about 18 years ago so it was a little wierd to get the book and knit it again just to use up the stray balls of yarn that were hiding at the bottom of the stash.
I think that the yarn is trying very hard not get be all used up!!

I found some horrible green yarn too, the colour is nice but the fiber content is dreadful.  it has polythene in it......... so I thought since I'm just knitting for the heck of it why not try a dog sweater.

I found the pattern on the Drops website, so I knitted up the smallest size and slightly dented the ball, so now I'm making the next size up and hopefully that will be an end of the yarn.

Kinda makes me want to get a small dog :)  The other half is a cat person though, me I would have any animal!

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