Saturday, August 4, 2012

Oddball Scraps to Charity Bits

I really hate having these tiny balls of yarn leftovers.  Normally I just throw them out, but this time there were too many hoarded to do that. I started of with some hats, but then got fed up with knitting the same thing over and over.  So I found a Monkey pattern and adapted it a little, I'm currently working on another one in burgundy.  There will be enough yarn to make another hat I think.  I'm hoping that will use up all those leftovers, but I will have to check the bottom of the stash bag first.
The colourful toy kinda reminds me of Mr Blobby!! Well hopefully the charity shop will find a new home for all of it.

I'm also wanting to downsize on the fabric scraps.... That'll be a job and a half, trying to figure what to do with it all. Anyway just to warm up I made a few hearts, 2 with a ribbon hoop for hanging and the other with a face,, just for fun.

I just have a urge to do a belated spring clean at the moment...... might have something to do with lack of storage space and things just piling into disorganization!

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