Sunday, November 12, 2017

Scrap hat

At this time of year I should be knitting socks I suppose.  But I can safely say I have a hat obsession!  This is the latest off the needles and a bit of seasonal fair isle with the left over king cole yarn.
I'm actually looking for an airy summer pattern, that I can wear on windy days and remain cool.  I suppose if my scatter brain would stay still long enough, I would manage it.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Toddlers Winter Sweater

I knitted up a toddlers sweater with my left over aran/worsted (20% wool) weight yarn.  I thought this was really cute and it's knitted in one piece too.  Then the face it stitched on when finished, this was the first time I've done that.
I added some cute polka dot buttons to finish it off.  It's really thick and perfect for winter.  Aged at 12 months and fits a chest of 20 inches.   It's available to buy in my Etsy store

Celtic Trinity Knot Cards

I have been wanting to make some cards with charms for a while.  At first I thought I would just make gift tags.  But the Kraft tags weren't as sturdy as I would've liked. 
I mounted the Tibetan silver charms onto the tags, at this point I decided to punch the cards to hold the tag.  Whilst the tags looked fine like this, I thought that they needed a bit more, so I added some cerise crepe rectangles behind them.
I really like these, you receive them as a card and can either remove the tag and use it to gift a present, or you can just keep the charm and add it to a necklace or bracelet (or do both).

I decided to put them in 2 packs and you can buy them here

Sea-sons Greetings

I showed you previous some dabbling with seaweed. I managed to gather some purple-ish seaweed, to have it dried and pressed.  I added some glitter to the branch tips, along with gold hearts and acrylic gem baubles.   These are set on 240gsm A6 card.

You will find them listed in my Etsy store, there are only 2 packs available at this time.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

The Frog Paperweight that lead to cards

Meet my cheeky frog.  Hand painted pebble with oil paints, varnished, then some googly eyes added, along with a foam base to prevent scratches.
Doesn't it look cute in it's wild habitat! LOL!  I gave it to my other half to brighten up his desk.

When I cut out the foam feet base, this gave me another idea for card toppers.  A silly but fun one, that I think are great for kids.  I enjoyed making them too.  I need to make a few more and sell as a pack of four or so.  I'm not convinced that single cards are always the bet option with Etsy because of the lack of postage options.  Which I'm certain is puts most buyers off if they want more than  one item of you.

As you can see the punch confetti came in handy once again in these cards.

Mums Birthday Card

So today is my mothers birthday and this is the card she got from me.  A nice little embossed card topped with a dog violet flower.  Added a couple of acrylic gems and 2 shades of butterflies punched out of a paint colour booklet.

Since we live in different countries I ordered flowers to be delivered by, who I find are good value and actually deliver on time.  This is a biggie when you live on an island.  After all you don't want the people you care about to think you forgot them.

I used another company once and they not only failed to deliver on the day, but any of the following 3 days, the first bouquet sat in a courier depot for 4 days.  They sent out a second one, but it was a week after my friends birthday so wasn't happy with their service at all and the discount they offered on my next order was no consolation either.


When I started this card, this is not at all how I had envisaged it.  Originally I had the peony leaves as trouser legs, the cornflower petal as the hat and feathers for wings of this majestic fairy.  As you can see it turned out rather different indeed..... such is my cluttered brain.

Still it makes a rather interesting butterfly from flower petals.  I added a touch of glitter and sealed it all under plastic.  I'm wondering if a fixing spray would have been better.  I wanted to preserved it for longer, but it looked better before the plastic topping.