Saturday, April 18, 2015


I had this crazy idea, that I would like to do some painting, basically to fill the empty walls of my new home. I bought the canvas set in Lidl, don't know how good they are, but they didn't go quick, so am thinking that they are not so good, for the professionals anyway. The fact that they sell tiny tubes of paint made me really laugh out loud in the shop....... wondering how many you would need of them to fill a canvas and would it even do the small one? What would I know anyway, I've never in my life painted on canvas........ they really should teach you that in school too.

Next step was finding paints that were affordable (after all, this is a first attempt). Who'd have thought getting the basic ones would be so hard. Black, White, Blue, Green, Red and Yellow. I couldn't find the yellow anywhere?? Turns out the white was totally crap (cheapo brand) and transparent when painted, I ended up taking the pot of ceiling paint from the shed and using that instead.......... so the next trip to town is going to be in search of some white and yellow, plus maybe a few other colours for the 'coughs' next one.
I wanted to paint a cow, and wanted to do a different style from my norm (when I have the urge to paint that is), it was supposed to be simple blocks of colour and fun. Nothing fancy.

I can say, it didn't turn out like I wanted and in the end I decided to just stop what I was doing and leave it as it is, before I made a complete mess.... I'm still trying to decide whether to like it or not, perhaps it will grow on me, as I have to look at it daily.

I suppose if this was something I wanted to branch out into, I would have to invest serious money into good brushes and Daler Rowney paints (I'm sure there's a reason Easons don't diplay the price).

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Card Recycle

Now that I finally have my desk to work at, I can make a start on recycling all the cards and other bits, that I have stored in a box for the last year and a half.

I'd bought some coloured card and envelopes to make some cards to donate to an animal charity. I'd also bought some card stock in Lidl and won a pack too, so it really was calling on me to get going.  It's great when you know what exactly you're going to do, unfortunately this was not me and therefore, the card making session was time consuming and most of that was spent cutting bits of card and toppers.

The first session went quickly, as I was making a bundle that were the same and also some toppers which I'd made months ago.  However the next lot, was a case of trying to decide how to reuse the bits, what card or paper went with them and what colour of card to stick them on. 

As you can see I only made a few in the afternoon, and it wasn't till I was nearly done that I realised most were Christmas cards, which made me laugh. I'll be keeping one or two for myself.