Tuesday, December 21, 2010

First snow of Winter


Ok so far we've escaped all the previous snow. Yes I know, we've been extremely lucky.
A fews days ago we got a little bit and it stayed, this morning we got another dusting. Personally I love the snow, probably because I never really had any growing up. I just love the crisp, clean feeling I get from it, and yes, if there was a hill outside I would be sledging too!!! Even at my age ;oP
As you can see from the photo the road is white well packed snow and although is ok to drive on, you don't want to meet a big truck on it, just ask the guy behind me today who had a freaky slippery moment after one passed us. Thankfully he regained control and didn't bump anything. I got a bit of a start when I saw him coming at me sideways from behind!
Well let's  hope no one comes through the garden wall this winter.  Keep warm and be safe everyone!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Santa tree topper

This took me a while to make because I started it then put it aside, I couldn't decide quite how to do all the bits and what design to decorate him etc.
Basically I've had a bundle of bits or mess as some would call it, lying around my desk. Today I finally jumped in there and finished poor Santa off. Now he's looking very cheeky, or surprised on top of the tree. All made from scraps so he's an Eco friendly Santa....lol

Friday, December 10, 2010


Finally after much fighting and confusion I finished my legwarmers. The fact that the cold spell seems to have gone now that I've completed them is really annoying. Still there is more to come and anyway I'll still wear them when it's not so cold, just because I like them so much.  You can't really see the cables in these photos, but they are there.
I had a real problem with the pattern........ no doubt due to lack of concentration. Next time I'll write it out row for row perhaps it will be easier for me....lol It has two charts one has 20 rows and the other 22, that's where the confusion came in for me, as I kept losing my place.  If  I'd been smart I would've marked each row on both charts as I went along, therefore I would know what row I was definitely on!
Pattern is available for free on


I just love the pom poms!! I tied a bow so the poms are high up, if you want them dangling just tie a knot.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas is coming.......if you hadn't noticed!

With all the snow everybody has but me, I decided to make some decorative bows for the tree. As much as I'd love a real tree I won't be getting one unless it's potted with roots and can be planted out after christmas is over.
It would be nice if there was a scheme that you purchase such a tree and if you take it back in good shape you get a certain percentage refunded. At least that way it would be environmentally friendly.
So I took delivery of the fake tree yesterday, the red berry lights 2 days before that and bought gold baubles at the beginning of the week. So far it's been a very small budget, I'm guessing €30 will be the max. I'm only having a tree this year as it's just the two of us.

So I picked up some decorative ribbon in Lidl this week, perfect gold and red to match my colour scheme. I got 15 bows out of 5m, even re-purposed the spool into a top hat for Teddy!! Teddy does not look amused...lol!
Now it's time to think about the tree topper, perhaps a Santa??

Friday, December 3, 2010

Pile up

Well I don't like digging out the sewing machine just for one thing so generally what I do is start a "to sew" pile and when there are 2-3 things, that is when I dig out and dust off my sewing machine.
Yesterday, that said pile was starting to niggle away at me as to when I would be tackling it. So I got to work with all my clothing repairs, a seam here, a hem there etc. Since things were going smoothly I decided to tackle converting a half slip that I was given into a full slip, so I would have something to wear under my new dresses and since they are just above the knee length this seemed like a good solution.
So what I did was removed the elastic from the front part, placed ribbon folded over the edge, sewed in place and added more ribbon for straps. Then I decided that I would need some shape to the new waist area so after chalking, pinning and trying it on, I sewed and cut the excess. I'm pleased enough with the results and it's basic but serves it's purpose, especially under the wrap dress which was a bit too revealing for my liking! 
I have 2 more to transform, but have decided to use lace trim across the top, so it's off to Ebay and see what available......... what would I do without Ebay!!!
After finishing all that sewing and putting everything away.... guess what?.......... yep I saw the corner of another thing that needed sewn buried under knitting patterns!!!!  :op