Tuesday, December 21, 2010

First snow of Winter


Ok so far we've escaped all the previous snow. Yes I know, we've been extremely lucky.
A fews days ago we got a little bit and it stayed, this morning we got another dusting. Personally I love the snow, probably because I never really had any growing up. I just love the crisp, clean feeling I get from it, and yes, if there was a hill outside I would be sledging too!!! Even at my age ;oP
As you can see from the photo the road is white well packed snow and although is ok to drive on, you don't want to meet a big truck on it, just ask the guy behind me today who had a freaky slippery moment after one passed us. Thankfully he regained control and didn't bump anything. I got a bit of a start when I saw him coming at me sideways from behind!
Well let's  hope no one comes through the garden wall this winter.  Keep warm and be safe everyone!

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