Friday, December 3, 2010

Pile up

Well I don't like digging out the sewing machine just for one thing so generally what I do is start a "to sew" pile and when there are 2-3 things, that is when I dig out and dust off my sewing machine.
Yesterday, that said pile was starting to niggle away at me as to when I would be tackling it. So I got to work with all my clothing repairs, a seam here, a hem there etc. Since things were going smoothly I decided to tackle converting a half slip that I was given into a full slip, so I would have something to wear under my new dresses and since they are just above the knee length this seemed like a good solution.
So what I did was removed the elastic from the front part, placed ribbon folded over the edge, sewed in place and added more ribbon for straps. Then I decided that I would need some shape to the new waist area so after chalking, pinning and trying it on, I sewed and cut the excess. I'm pleased enough with the results and it's basic but serves it's purpose, especially under the wrap dress which was a bit too revealing for my liking! 
I have 2 more to transform, but have decided to use lace trim across the top, so it's off to Ebay and see what available......... what would I do without Ebay!!!
After finishing all that sewing and putting everything away.... guess what?.......... yep I saw the corner of another thing that needed sewn buried under knitting patterns!!!!  :op

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