Friday, December 10, 2010


Finally after much fighting and confusion I finished my legwarmers. The fact that the cold spell seems to have gone now that I've completed them is really annoying. Still there is more to come and anyway I'll still wear them when it's not so cold, just because I like them so much.  You can't really see the cables in these photos, but they are there.
I had a real problem with the pattern........ no doubt due to lack of concentration. Next time I'll write it out row for row perhaps it will be easier for It has two charts one has 20 rows and the other 22, that's where the confusion came in for me, as I kept losing my place.  If  I'd been smart I would've marked each row on both charts as I went along, therefore I would know what row I was definitely on!
Pattern is available for free on

I just love the pom poms!! I tied a bow so the poms are high up, if you want them dangling just tie a knot.

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