Monday, October 5, 2015

Doggie Knits

I'm a bit behind in posting some stuff, so better make a start on catching up. We got a new addition to the mad house in the form of a furry 4 legged little pooch. He's been taking up most of my time over the past year as he came from the pound and was about a year old with no training and no idea how to be a dog either. That's a whole other story.

I noticed that despite his lovely fluffy fur coat, he was feeling the cold last winter. So I thought I better knit up some sweaters this year just in case.  I picked up some cheap yarn in Dealz and chose a Drops pattern to try my luck at.  I've knotted some before for charity, but never knew how the fit was, or didn't like it.  For example the Biscuits & Bones pattern by patons, I didn't like the fold over neck.  I felt that this was just too much.  However it was a good pattern other than that.  I did some mods as you can see below.
Next up was Drops 102-42 Dog coat with traditional pattern again with that stupid fold over collar, which I omitted. I made the S size, but had to use the lengths for the XS to fit my little furball.  It was a good pattern and easy to follow and the fit was perfect.
My cousin was rather impressed and ordered an XS for her friends dog, which I made with a lovely navy glitter and cream.
Now that I was in full swing, I decided to make another glittery geansai for the festive season.  I chose the Drops Valentino  but found that the pattern wasn't as easy as the first one. I managed to adjust it, but it's a little big on the chest and I think I should have used a larger needle for the cast off under the belly.

If they had enough of that glitter yarn I would make one for myself