Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Believe it or not I don't own a flower vase. The last bunch I was given went into a coffee jar which I wrapped with the coloured paper the flowers came with.
I've taken a liking to the 3d decoupage that you normally see on cards or note books. I'm clueless how to do it properly, but I found some images I liked printed them out 3 times and cut away. 

Ok so back to the coffee jar, I also got it a friend.... an empty gherkin jar. Well I knew when I did one I would want to try another! 

So I had some corrugated card salvaged from a gift box which I cut to size for the toppers... lets call them that for ease. I arranged the butterfly bits and glued the whole one to the card, then used small bits of tape to attach the next two layers, I repeated this with the fairy.
Next I found some background images I liked and made them into a printable border for the jars. Once printed and cut I used that sticky back plastic to protect them and stick them around each jar. Glued the toppers in place. Now I have two decorative jars that can be used for a number of things...... including the next floral gift I might receive.

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