Friday, July 8, 2011

Now going.

I've started this shrug Enchanted Shrug by Grace Mcewen featured in  The Knitter #19. I think I read somewhere that the pattern was easy to grasp.....umm..... is it......well it's not difficult but I have to refer to the written instructions all the time.
So I'm asking myself if I'll have the patience to finish it as I am only 1/3 of the way, well almost, when I thought I would be nearly finished!  I think it will be awful tempting just to make a short sleeve version, I shall try and persevere.

To take a break from the knitting, I recycled some 'bric a brac' I had lying around into a wind chime.  I had some copper coloured beads which I used to make a bracelet to fit the mini pot, this is where the drops were attached. Then used gut line and hoops and glassy rectangles from belts for the drops..

I managed to get my hands on some wool in the charity shop..... this is a rare find!.....So having knitted x amount of socks for the mister last year and him managing to put holes in every pair....sigh......... I decided to crochet a pair, I mean they are supposed to last longer surely?? We'll see! Anyway I used this pattern which was pretty quick in Aran yarn I think I used about 200g almost for the pair.  So with one done and straight onto the feet, I have to make another in between all the other things that I have on the go

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