Sunday, July 24, 2011


I've just recently taken delivery of my new crochet hooks.  I chose Bamboo ones in the hope that my skin likes them better that the plastic/metal ones.

 Anyway I wanted to have a set for a change, instead of having to hunt down the size needed for whatever project I might take on.

I know I made a roll before just the same for a friend .... and I made it better for them than this one!  Still my needle roll wasn't able to hold these new additions so something new had to be made. It is so simple to make, two rectangles sewn together with a fold for the hooks stitched for each hook place.

I finally finished off the shrug which was really getting to be a bore, I just couldn't make it any longer than elbow length. I'm not sure I like it the way it is and will have a think about adding some sort of edging. I'm wondering if the yarn will ever be finished, it seems endless! Currently making a spectacle case with it, which I will be lining with fabric, perhaps the lime green t-shirt would be a good match.

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