Monday, August 1, 2011

Vacuum Cover - progress so far

I've wanted to make one of these ever since I saw one in some movie. Don't know why, but I just thought it was such a clever idea. anyway I watched the said movie again 2 weeks ago and it caught my eye again, so I remembered I was going to have a go at it.  
Bear in mind I have no idea how these are made and the only thing I could find on the internet was to behead a soft toy..... nope not doing that! Someone might think I have issues!!
So basically what I did was make a rag doll torso, using a plate to draw round for the head. I've never made a doll either so this is new to me. Make arms, stuff and pin to torso (this I didn't do...duh eejit), sew the body and stuff the head. Then I had to figure out the gap for the handle to go in, I find it easiest to place it on the handle and pin in place, when you take it off straighten it up and sew around it. stuff it well and fit over the handle, it should sit nicely. Sew the stuffed sides closed.
Okay next up is the hair......another mystery to me but I found a tutorial and made two sets and stitched them onto the head, I decided to plait the hair for practicality.
Next up is the face, now this had me searching for quite a while as I wanted a sort of manga/anime style with the eyes. when I finally found something I liked I stitched the face on, putting pink felt for the mouth. I left out the eye colour as the thread I had was too dark, now I can't decide to leave as is or to get a bright colour and try that.
So now I've to scour the charity shop for fabric to make the clothes....... that'll be a challenge as they never have much, but hey I might get lucky.

So this is where I'm at so far. Now it's got me wanting to make rag dolls, oh I wish I had internet when my daughter was little I could have made so many things other than fancy dress costumes.

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