Saturday, August 13, 2011

Multi Purpose Bag

Well here it is, after 3 days of sewing.  Well partial I finished it this afternoon and am totally pleased with myself.  It's styled on a bowling bag and I was really hoping that when it was finished I would be able to get the sewing machine into it.
I learnt the basics of bag making on Creative Cutie and have improved with each bag.......Well I like to think so anyway, I can certainly say that I have gone from being terrified to confident thanks to Daphna's blog.
I made it from curtain fabric that I was lucky enough to receive a year ago and still have a load left.  I didn't bother with interfacing as the fabric is so thick and I don't think my machine would have gone along with all that labour..... I suppose it's due a pamper after all that hard work.

I drafted the pattern and cut all the pieces sewed the pockets on, sewed the outside together, then the inside, the design bit is a pocket, then did the zipper bit. Sewed the lining to the zip bit leaving a gap to turn the bag through at the end. Sewed the outside to the matching zipper side, leaving the zip open, finished all the raw edges...... this takes a while and a lot of thread!   Then the magic part comes when you pull it all right side out, tuck the lining inside and stitch up the gap.  Job done!

I really didn't think the machine would fit through the zip, but where there's a will sometimes there's a way, and boy was I happy when I found the way to do it......Hooray!!  I'm so glad that this will be in use all the time.  I can use it for a weekend away, overnight stay and sewing machine bag.  How good it that!!

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