Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Soap Box Recycle

I'm gently easing myself into paper crafts, I'm totally in awe of Kens creations and will have to delve more into the site to learn the how tos of it all...hopefully.
Anyway back to the topic. It took a long time to empty the big box of washing powder, actually it's more medium sized, but we managed finally.  Since it was just the right size and shape to squeeze in between the dressing table and the wall I figured it would be perfect as a bin. So I printed of some nice paper and borders and glued them on with pva.
I like how it turned out so it's a shame you're only going to see the skinny end.

I'm buying the biggest powder box I can find this week and in about a years time I will have another go......... yes it will take me that long to empty it!!
Hopefully by then I'll be a little better at the decor side of things.

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