Thursday, August 11, 2011

Time to dust off the Sewing machine!

 Seems so long ago since I made the vacuum cover...... it's not I know but I had a little of this dotty fabric left since making a peg bag and didn't know what quite to do with it, until today.  I'm going on a wee trip and have just realised I don't have a toiletries bag..... strange thing that, come to think of it I can't even remember the last one.. that is if I had one!?

I lined it with a plastic lining and of course since it's been a while since I made one of these I forgot to leave the vital gap for turning right side out....... happens every time! I've also added a beaded pull to the zipper which is pretty much invisible for a change.



I thought I may as well make a matching small make-up bag too while I'm at it, but since I've no little zippers left it had to be hoop n loop this time. I'm not much of a make-up kind of girl, sensitive skin and all that, but I do wear it when I go out....... and when you take a trip you do get out a bit!

I've started a bag too but goodness only knows how that'll turn out. Cut all the bits and sewn the zipper today and then life called me back to reality....... hopefully the brain will function a bit better when I get the chance to tackle it again. ;o) 

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