Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Clog Liners

I had bought these garden clogs in Lidls recently and although they are great I found them a bit wide, and a bit on the chilly side without socks..... especially when I switch from nice cosy slippers!  And this I do not need with my Cold feet tendency.
I only found one pattern online for $5, and I thought no way am I paying that, they can't be that hard to make,  gee I can make socks, so if I can do that I can make liners........ how hard can it be?

So I dug out my scrap yarn bag and started by measuring around the open part which will be covered by  the rib, then I cast on 68sts which was enough when stretched to fit the edge, worked 10 rows of rib and worked the heel like for a sock for 10 rows then turned.  This is where it get a bit tricky as on the first attempt I just did an ordinary sock pattern which did not work out at all when putting in the clog as there was excess at the top.
I then picked up stitches along the flap edge and placed markers at the ends, I worked back and forth on the heel part only doing decreases as normal, AT THE SAME TIME I worked 1st at the end of each row from the redundant needle 2.  This joins the sock together. Repeated until 50sts altogether.
Then I started on needle 2 decreasing 4 sts evenly. 46sts work these as for a normal sock until the toe. At the toe work every row as decrease until 16sts, graft with kitchener stitch.

So now that one half is complete it is time to make the other and try to write some sort of pattern that makes sense and put it on Ravelry or here once tested. These were for a EU 40/41 and I have to say they have made the clog a better fit on my foot. I'll have to pick up some nice coloured yarn to make proper presentable ones so I can wear them everywhere except the garden!!

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