Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The big Six O

This card incorporates 2 things I'm not good at, mathematical equations and German.  So I had to do some online hunting to find what I needed.  I could ask the in-laws, however I know they wouldn't keep it secret.

I know the person will appreciate the effort I put into this (hopefully).  He's always quoting theories and physics etc in everyday scenarios, so this should humour him.  I was lucky to find 2 old German stamp images with 60 on them.

Last year I picked up a 6 and 0 cake sparklers on sale, especially for the occasion.  I've never used them before so not quiet sure if I should light them at the top or bottom!?

Whilst his birthday isn't until October, I can't see me having the time to make this in the next couple of months, which are going to be quiet busy.  Getting ready for the in-laws visit, other birthdays and an anniversary.  Or whatever else life might throw in for luck.  Plus I've a pile of pressed flowers that need to be used up before they get passed their best.

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