Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Sweet Dreams

As you may know my beach walk doesn't throw up much in the way of 'treasures'.  But that doesn't mean that my creative mind isn't at work somehow in the background.   A few weeks back, whilst strolling along the beach and having it to ourselves (the dog & I), There were a few feathers strewn here and there.  
What does my brain do?  Says oh, perfect for a Dream Catcher. So I gathered a few to add to the striped ones I'd picked up another day, I think they are Curlew feathers.  Which is great, but you need a hoop to make a Dream Catcher, which I didn't have.  That is until I went to town and picked up a bag for €2 with wooden hoop handles.  Well you wouldn't get the handles anywhere near that price, so I grabbed it along with some black needle cord fabric for €3.  

I then did a google search and found the Native American Technology & Art site instructions on how to make a Dream Catcher.  I thought if I used some embroidery thread and one of the beads that have been sitting in a jar for years, it might turn out a little respectable.  

I made 2, the first exactly as the instructions and the second the same way, but added extra feathers and a couple of beads on either side for decoration.  I also wrapped the thread around the feather, with a little glue and knots to hold them in place  I'm rather pleased at how it turned out and is hanging above the bed, making a lovely feature and giving me sweet dreams.

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