Friday, July 7, 2017

Not a Night Owl

To say I had a late night watching movies with the Mr, is not something that comes from me very often.   However that's what we did the other night and then I popped off to bed, looking for a deep sleep.  Ha, said my body, that's what you think! As it rudely awoke me 3 hours later and gave me pains that probably equal childbirth (I had a C section so have to guess).  At this point, you come to your senses really fast and grab your strongest prescription pain killers, take 2 and a muscle relaxant, then proceed with the breathing exercises and a hot water bottle attached to you.  After about 20 -30 mins all the meds kick in.

Now most people would lay back down and try to get some sleep, after all it's only 5:30 am!  But I think I was sort of in body shock, which in turn sent my brain into overdrive (again)!  I ended up with a cup of tea at my crafting desk.  Yup I think I can make cards in my sleep deprived state ~ turns out I can....... 🤒🙄😂

A set of six mini note cards with manilla envelopes. Light pink card, cerise crepe paper, pink & wine ribbon, with Owl ribbon on top.  I'm pretty certain there was more glue on my fingers than the cards.  I also put the left overs on the back using crepe hearts and the shimmer gauze ribbon.  Except one, which got a band of crepe like the front, well that was bound to happen in my zoned out state.  The only thing that surprises me, is that it was only on one! 🦉🃏🎀

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