Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Crelando Border Punch set (Lidl)

So the Crelando border punch set from Lidl as previously mentioned.  I pick this up at the reduced price of just over €8.  So I think it's certainly worth it, even if it is meant for the kids!  Let's face it, if you want one decent paper punch, you will pay at least that for it.
 It comes in a nice sturdy plastic carry case.  As you can see it comes with eight different designs and the punch device, to make your life easier.  I have a small butterfly punch that requires some elbow grease to get the design, so if you have to make a bundle it's rather hard on the hands.
On the back of the packaging paper is the instructions, pretty straight forward for grown ups and kids.
Of course you can work left or right or vice versa, using the guides.  I chose the tulips & hearts punch and as you can see I've loaded the plastic insert guides (clear part with black print).
I work to the left because I'm back to front (true story). No really it's just easier for me, I suppose it depends if you are left or right handed.
To get the repeat patter you just align the first set up with the pattern on the guide and just punch and slide along.  Ta Da! Tulips.  The blue palm press makes it so easy.
Of course you have to empty the punch from all the paper bits every so often, around one long side of A4 paper.  Just open the clear window on the bottom of the punch design and empty it out.  As you can see I got confetti!!  So if you're using coloured paper, you can save these bits for confetti or more card making.  Of course this isn't possible for all the designs.

Now to the Dolphins and what I see as the only flaw in the box.  Below is how you should expect the pattern to run.

However when you set it up and follow the guides, you would want the smooth flow of up and down dolphins.
Not so, as you can see there is the flaw, you get a double set in the pattern, which kind of ruined it for me.  The cutter should only contain 4 not 5 dolphins, that way the repeat would be flawless.  So that's the blooper folks!  Sorry if you only just noticed this.  But hey, you get nice dolphin confetti!!

Using my 2 favourite designs this is what you can do with them, not just edges, but flowers and lace.  And if you're really smart, you can make shamrocks using the heart punch ~ who'd have thought that then.

So a round up, easy to use, can make other patterns, gives you confetti and no more sore, tired hands from continuous punching.  Well unless you're spending all day at it!  Has a nice carry case for storage.
The downside is the dolphin punch pattern repeat, along with having to empty the small compartments often and some tend to lose some of the small paper bits.  But let's face it, glitter is messier and harder to tidy up.
On the whole it's a great buy, especially for the sale price.  It appears to be very good quality and should last a long time.

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