Sunday, July 9, 2017

What's up Buttercup?

I wanted to make a selection of cards with buttercups. But rather than just the standard cards that I've made, I was looking to do some cards with text phrases and that little bit more decor.

I had bought a small pad of decorative papers, picked up a multi pack of crepe papers and some other random bits in the last 2 weeks.  Hoping that I would find a use for it all.  Of course some always turn out to be your favourite and you tend to use them up first, with the least attractive put away and forgotten about.

These are not yet available for sale as I have to finish the range, I'm only halfway through.  Unfortunately my brain is in overdrive with ideas on what to do next.  I hope you like them and some of these are now stocked in my Etsy store. (link in the website list, bottom left of blog).

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