Sunday, July 30, 2017

Knitted unisex Vest

Whilst the pattern is under a ladies design, I think that it works as a unisex one.  I used Aldi So Crafty DK 100% acrylic yarn and the Drops 71-3 b pattern.  It knits up quick and easy on straight needles and the fit around the neck and armholes are perfect.  Which to me is something unusual, as they are either too big or need some sort of adjustments.
I made one change to the design and that is where the V neck splits, you are supposed to split the centre pattern and work it up to the shoulder.  I didn't like that look, so I just took the K2, P1 part to work up the side, working the decreases before it.
I had cast off the shoulder seams, but I would recommend using Kitchener stitch for a nice neat finish, of course you can still join the seams this way even if you have cast off.

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