Monday, July 17, 2017

What's Knitting?

I wanted to knit a vest for a while now, even when I decided on the pattern and bought the yarn.  I changed my mind on the pattern.  I chose the71-3 b - Vest by DROPS design and I altered the pattern at the V neck, as I didn't really like carrying that cable up the side. I've just finished the front and have got as far as the back rib.

The back is plain, so should go up fast and without error.  I like to watch TV and knit, sometimes it can lead to cable misdemeanours!  Yes I had a few hiccups on the front, but noticed them after a few rows and corrected my mistakes.

Also sitting on the needles until I get really bored, or might even get frogged is the Rosa sweater.  It's a lace weight knit and as lovely as the pattern is, you need a clear head to follow the pattern.  Something I've been lacking of late.
Image from the Rowan website, where you can get the free pattern.

I also picked up a couple of balls of King Cole Country Tweed and I'm just dying to make socks with it.  I really want to see how the mixed colour knits up, since I've not used a yarn like it yet.

I'll have to do a swatch, before I work out how many stitches to cast on.  But I'm just itching to get started!!  I swear my brain is in overdrive and a total clutter!

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