Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Winter Knit for Him

I'm currently working on an Aran Jacket for the other half at the moment.  I was lucky to get the last 2 balls in aldi a couple of weeks back.  The pattern is plain, something most men will like.
I cast on the size 44 and realised that this was way too big, even on the 4.5mm needles which I chose to knit it on.  I've ended up making the 39 which is going to fit him no bother, since this is my second Interweave knit I am noticing that you can normally make it one size smaller than asked as a rule.
It's going well so far, I've completed the back and left front so far. I suppose I should see if the zip I have will fit or if I will need to order one.  Perhaps I could modify the collar to have buttons instead........ well that's a thought for later, in case it's not long enough I have a back-up plan of crocheting a band around the hem  with a button closure.  I'll just have to see how it goes.
I'm not looking forward to the sleeves as everyone is complaining that they are too wide, however that should be easy enough to sort.....

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