Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Dog Lover has a whole new meaning now..........

Ok whilst on my search for a suitable image to put on the front of my disk of knitting patterns, I came across this book.
Now it doesn't sound very appealing to make a sweater out of dog hair does it?  It made me think back to when I had a dog, she was a collie cross, to be honest the vet thought she was like a bag of allsorts. 
She had this remarkable white speckled coat which was so soft and fluffy, it would have been perfect  for spinning, I think.
We used to dread the time of year when it was time to cast..... I could have stuffed a few pillowcases every-time she got brushed.  come to think of it the rabbit could have contributed to the mix too.

I think I really missed a good opportunity back then, if only I'd had the time and the interest in that side of being a knitter!!  Although I don't know what the dog would have to say about

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  1. I know what you mean, we have a labrador, why they call them short haired I don't know because when it comes to moulting he loses so much hair I oul have knit a full length coat


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