Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I had this idea that it would be great to have legwarmers for the upcoming winter. I was thinking I could wear them with leggings over my boots, hoping that I would actually get to wear the boots for a change {wish I'd got flat ones} and that it wouldn't matter if they were brown or black.
Sooo I chose to make the Drops cable ones that look more like footless socks on the model.  however the amount of stitches that you're asked to cast on is ridiculous. There's definitely something wrong there! I tried 90sts and it was still too loose, so went down to 80, it has to be in multiples of 10 stitches because of the cable pattern. It looks ok and I'm hoping they stay up, I have decreased on every second cable twist down to 60 sts which made it about 22 inches long, I worked another two rib pattern repeats.

I'm not convinced they will stay up, even though they are a good fit.  I like them, but I hope never to knit with pure black yarn again after this!  Says the one who's  next project is likely to be with reclaimed blackwatch  aran.

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