Saturday, October 8, 2011

Another productive day..... kind of

Ok so this was late last night early this morning. I had to run up a birthday card for the DH, since I couldn't get rid of him in town on shopping day to buy one.  Still it turned out ok in my half sleepy state and on the inside it just read "....... for tea & cake!!!  Happy birthday!"  Well it was all I could come up with at that time in the morning.

Anyway I got up early and baked a cake for him to go with it. And I'm off in a minute to cook his steak dinner.
He had his spending spree yesterday so I guess he's content for now ;o)

He kept me busy today on the sewing machine, it's not often a man asks you to make curtains now is it?  Now they're not anything spectacular or fancy for that matter. Even the pattern runs from left to right  rather than up and down, but hey the front porch isn't used much and it's concrete.
I used the only fabric that I had big enough to fit, added some other fabric to edge the top and used hoops from a belt for the curtain rings.  The pole we bought yesterday, think it's supposed to be for a shower?!

Once all that was finally done, I decided to make a cover for the steering wheel.  This is because I have too many allergic reactions to stuff, and strongly suspect that the car steering may be causing my skin reaction on my hand.  This I've had for years and it has only now occurred to me to make a cover, at least that way it will always be covered and I won't be forgetting to protect my skin when driving.
Basically  you measure the steering wheel circumference. Take that measurement and cut the fabric on the stretch way, to fit that length when stretched.  Mine was 46 inches and the fabric was 42" unstretched.  Then I cut it 5 inches  wide, sewed the ends together so that I had a hoop. Folded the outer edges 1.5 cm and stitched, leaving a gap for the elastic. {The elastic I also stretched to 46 before cutting}, did this to both edges, threaded through the 1/2cm wide elastic and stitched everything in place.  In the end the cover was 3.5 inches wide and fitted perfectly.
I love it and it's such a tight fit that it doesn't slide, another bonus is that it is easy to wash too!!

I've just noticed that it is 1 year today since I started blogging.......... where does the time go?! 

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