Friday, October 8, 2010

What do you do with tins?

Ok so most of them go to the recycle bin...... well they should anyway and if you're not doing it....... Start!! Mother earth will not forgive you.

Here is a few things I reused them for
  • the desk tidy, yes we've all done this at some point in our lives..... why stop when you get older! This one to the left is covered with a fabric scrap.

  • A light shade....... yes that's what I said a shade,  sometimes a regular shade is just too big, and in my case, I would have head butted it every time I went up or down the stairs :o/ it's bad enough the upstairs ceiling is only a few inches above my head and I keep walking into the bedroom shade.......... I have tried to train myself not so haven't done this in a few weeks. Again covered in fabric with a hole cut out big enough to fit the light fitting.

  • Next up in the condensed milk tin, you know the kind you get with the ring pull that leaves a slot. Makes a perfect money tin for kids and grown-ups alike. Best thing is you can't help yourself unless you get the tin opener out!!! Good for the spare €1 or €2 coins when it's full you can get a nice treat for yourself.

  • Being a crafter you can never have enough pin cushions...... so I've been told. To be honest I'm starting to believe it now ;o) so an old tuna tin weighted down with a pebble or two with a stuffed cap is perfect.

  • I almost forgot the last one. A mobile phone chair, It's a bit of a fiddly job and I still need to add some pizazz to it but you'll get the jist.. It's just handy because you always know where the phone is!!! Lol that is of course if you put it there in the first place ;o)

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