Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bag Making

Well I've already told you about the car boot load of fabric I got back in February. There was one piece of fabric that I wanted so badly to make into a bag for myself. Only problem was I hadn't a clue how to start.......thank goodness for the internet and the wonderful crafters who share their knowledge!
After a good few hours of scouring the web I eventually stumbled upon Daphnas site Creative Cutie. It had a number of tutorials from designing the pattern to completing the bag, without it I would never have attempt to make a bag.  I have made 3 bags so far and I am still learning, I have one more to make, but am still sourcing the bits for it as there is no shop here that stocks bag making hardware.Above is my first bag designed by me. I really love it. Inside are a velcro closed pocket, mobile phone pocket and pen loops. The inside is red  for contrast.

Bag No.2 was made as a gift. Has a magnetic snap closure with plenty pockets inside with zips for added security. you can see this in the photo on the right. The open zip is a center section and there is another zip pocket on the side you can't see. It was a bit fiddle getting the center pocket right because of the shape of the bag and I didn't want too much excess left inside.

Bag No.3 turned out way bigger than planned but due to the design it can have multi purpose use. I think it will be good when I go clothes shopping or take a day trip. It also makes a good diaper bag...... not that I have any use for it as one!
Again this was made from scratch, the fabric was fantastic and I loved the bold print. For contrast I used yellow  and green inside, to give a bright happy feel to it. I have also made a bucket hat from this fabric......lol.. 1st time I've had a matching hat & bag ;o) 
So if you'd like to learn how to make a bag then I strongly recommend you visit Creativecutie.com, there is a link on the left hand side.

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