Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Chair Re-vamps

I did this transformation back in March. This chair was destined for the skip if nobody rescued it. My other half thought I was insane, however he was impressed by the end result!
I had hoped to do it like it was, but it had other ideas when trying to fix the fabric on as not even staples would stay in. So it got a make over.
I used oilcloth for the seat pad and a 20" cushion to bolster it........ahh comfy! This is definitely the chics I must admit it is my fave chair!

The next one is a Deck chair that was gathering dust in the loft, it was really dirty and the material was nailed on and torn.  Despite all my best efforts to clean the wood, the paint still turned creamy brown. I had to get  some nice outdoor gloss and give it a few coats before I got the white to stay. I had been given a couple of black sacks of fabric in February so had a rummage through, found a bit suitable, did some binding on the edges and stapled to the frame. I'm pleased with the end result.

I hope this inspires you to transform rather that throw out!

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