Sunday, February 12, 2017

Card - Humour can get lost in Translation

So it was my brother in laws birthday last month and I wanted to make a witty card for him.  Based on the fact he enjoyed his beef dinners here, especially the fillet steaks. Unfortunately I don't speak other languages, except for maybe the odd word or sentence.  No online translation service will save you either, yes it will translate your sentence word for word, but you will lose the humour. Plus that's not how other languages translate, the words are switched in the sentence.

So I had to ask his brother for help, his English seems to better than his German at this point, having spent over 40 years in English speaking countries.

Back to the card, I wanted the front to read "We herd it was your Birthday" apparently for it to make sense you have to translate it as, the herd got wind it was your birthday.  The image is from the actual steaks he ate whilst visiting us.

The inside I wanted to say, we saved you a space, can you fillet?  All puns intended.  It was translated for me as follows in the image below.  I was assured that in this form it would raise a laugh. I think I can safely say I will never be able to learn German, even though I can guess the first line, I'd need a dictionary or somebody to tell me what the second one means.

I was a little late in sending it off, so I'm not sure if it made it on time. 

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