Sunday, February 12, 2017

The butterly, charm & owls

A friends birthday was coming up, normally I don't make a thing out of it.  However this year, having being reminded of the date and picked up a little sparkly gift, I decided to put the effort in.  Not easy to find focus when you're on meds and have chronic pain to manage, whilst still waiting to find out what is wrong.

I have so many 'bits' saved to make cards, when the inspiration hits.  That I tend to forget how much there really is stashed away, until I go rummage.   Most of the bits used here, were sitting in the desk drawer and the owl paper saved from something I was sent a while ago.

 So some crumpled tissue paper, cerise ribbon, a heart charm (link from a bracelet), a pretty card image and some butterflies punched from silver card, from a Nag Champa Incense box (yes they are still scented).  Turned into the individual card above.

I decided to do something completely different inside the card.  I had intended to handwrite inside, but my writing and concentration is a bit shaky.  I think it's important to provide each other with positivity, as now and then we all need a little boost to our mental health.

I love that owl tissue paper!  I've been trying to figure out how to use it and who to give it to for a while.  Of course it would have been better paired with one of my owl cards, but I still have a bit left so can do that later for someone else.  The gift was sparkly by the way, hence the line inside the card.

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