Monday, February 13, 2017

Scraps to New Collar

Well my little furbaby is in need of a collar refresh.  Only thing about having a small dog is finding a nice collar small enough, but still light and comfortable.  Ok I'm a fuss pot!  It's only on my dog to hold his ID tag, he wears a harness for walks.  I'm a bit nervous of hooking the lead up to his collar, since he's such a delicate wee soul - that likes to try and walk me, by dragging me up the road.  His current collar is starting to flake off  peeling off the top coat and rather tatty.  It will get a make-over later with some high visibility fabric.

I had saved the bits of an old harness and used the D rings for his insulated waterproof coat. So thought the clips would be perfect for the collar.  I had saved the hem of my velour thermal curtains (Am I the only one that does this?).  Not that I had any plans for them, but just in case.  Below are the bits, fabric, harness bits and my craft ribbon.  Ignore the D ring, it never got used - I was meant to put it under the ribbon, but forgot whilst I happily stitched along.

The old straps were 1.5cm, so I cut a 3cm wide strip about 38 - 40 cm long.  Folded the edges towards the centre, like bias tape.  I have some glue stuff like salt crystals that you iron to fix hems, so used that to hold the folds down.  Then I pinned the ribbon along the middle and stitched it in place on the back, folded it over and did the same on the other side.  So back & front look the same.  Then added the plastic clips & bits and stitched the ends down.

I slipped a split key ring onto it to hold his ID tag, since I forgot to fix the D ring under the ribbon. He's such a wriggler that I had a job to get it on him, he likes to turn his head and lick me.  So with all his fluffy hair, it's a job not to get it caught in the clip!  Not that we'll see much of it until the weather warms up and I give him a groom.

That's the best shot I could   You could call it his Valentines collar!


  1. Indeed...a Valentine collar. And a lovely one at that! Thank you so much for sharing, and thanks as well for your kind comment on my Wednesday blog post, I really appreciate it. You are welcome by anytime, and it would be an honour to have you. I post on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Thanks Linda, I do indeed pop over now and again. Thought it was about time I actually left a comment!


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